APA 2000

Washington, D.C.

August 4-8, 2000

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  [D.C. Sight-Seeing]      

      [Pete Seeger]     [Town Hall Meeting]
Sight Seeing in D.C.
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of Digital D.C. Photography)

Opening Session - Pete Seeger
APA Practice Directorate: Town Hall
Humanity at a Digital Crossroads(Click on photo for report)

[Online Psychology Panel] [Montage] [Film Researchers]
Storm King, Yvette Colon,
John Grohol, John Suler
(Click on photo for report)
Montage (Convention Center) Stuart Fischoff & Student Researchers
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      [Beck and Ellis]       [Ralph Nader]
Congressman Baird, Alan Entin       Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis
(Click here for historic dialogue)
Ralph Nader

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