Asperger's Disorder


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A highly verbal, socially constricted, intensely focused child who cannot tolerate sensory-perceptual overload such as loud or sudden noises.*

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Assessment - Diagnosis

Asperger Syndrome
Basic Information, Guidelines for Assessment and Diagnosis [.PDF], and Guidelines for Treatment & Intervention. [.PDF]
(Yale Child Study Center)

Autistic savant
A short & sweet discussion of the "autistic savant", as presented in Rain Man etc. Interesting.
(Stephen Edelson, Ph.D.)

Dealing with the Disappearing Asperger Diagnosis
Discussion and implications of the 'delisting' of AD in the DSM-5, thoughts on the diagnosis itself, and some advice on how to advocate for services under the new DSM.
(Dan Coulter)

Subjective Experience

Asperger Syndrome: A Developmental Puzzle
A brief but interesting developmental overview from someone with Asperger's. (Michael McCroskery) [pdf]

Little Professor Syndrome
"They talk like adults and often have sky-high I.Q.'s, but their social skills are nonexistent. Can kids with Asperger's syndrome, a recently diagnosed form of autism, harvest their strange talents in adulthood?" ( NY Times Magazine June 18, 2000)

"My Experiences with Visual Thinking Sensory Problems and Communication Difficulties"
From Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Center for the Study of Autism.
Fascinating first-hand account of autism. (See also: An inside view of autism)

My Life With Asperger's
Riveting presentation to the American Psychological Association (2008) by inventor/author/Aspergian John Elder Robison.   [New]Robison pictures AS diagnosis under DSM-5 (2012)

My Little Monster
A student with a little monster named Asperger's poignantly describes her daily life experience.

Tony Attwood Interviews Temple Grandin
Dr. Attwood interviews Temple Grandin in front of a live audience(12-99). Dr. Grandin vividly describes autism through the prism of her own life and sheds new light on the role of calming, social challenges, and use of "visual humour". Amazing discussion.

What the DSM IV Means to Me....   by a woman with AS
From the Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS/MAPP) website.
An eye-opening look at how a child with Asperger's Disorder may look to a teacher, and be described on a student's report card.
Archived copy:


Boston Higashi School
This is a unique international school program of "integration/inclusion", where over 20% of the students in the classrooms are autistic. Based on the pioneering work of Tokyo's Musashino Higashi Gakuen School.

LindaMood Bell
She claims to have an educational approach "proven effective" with Asperger's syndrome, just as she does with dyslexia. Is this the answer?

Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism
More pure gold, from Temple Grandin, updated in 2002. (Indiana University)

Temple Grandin's Squeeze Machine
Complete with photos, the full journal article (Temple Grandin).

* Note: The topical description above was offered solely as a talking point and "organizer" in discussing several children presented as part of a peer supervision group on AS. It is neither complete nor does it entail all of the DSM diagnostic criteria (see link above). Originally intended only for members of an AS study group, this page has recently been made available to both professionals and the general public following the recent increase in interest and awareness of Asperger's Disorder. Sadly, AD diagnosis is suddenly no more again, with DSM-5.

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