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Mental Health and Children

Adolescent Health and Mental Health

Articles and resources focused on adolescence, including issues of peer pressure, self-esteem, and normal developmental stressors. (Fenichel)

APA Testimony at Surgeon General's Conference (Sept.2000)

Focusing on the trend toward medicating young children, APA psychologists addressed this conference and broadened the dialogue to discuss developmental issues and larger issues around the mental health needs of children. A report by APA Recording Secretary Ron Levant.

APA Testimony at White House Meeting (March 2000)

A report on the roundtable discussion aimed at promoting public-private collaborations to address mental health issues affecting our children. (Ron Levant)

Children and Trauma [Updated]

How to talk to children about disasters, information for mental health professionals about children's grief and coping at different ages, and about PTSD and acute stress. (Fenichel)

Children and Violence

Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Mental Health Professionals (Fenichel)

Prevention of Mental Disorders in School-Aged Children: Current State of the Field

A report appearing in a special edition of APA's online journal, Prevention and Treatment.
"The most authoritative article in the entire literature on which programs effectively prevent mental illness and its symptoms." -- Martin Seligman, PhD (President, American Psychological Association)

Teacher Resources[Updated]

Teaching tools for middle-school educators, counselors, and psychologists. A collection of teacher-tested websites offering curriculum-based classroom projects, info on Using the Internet, & interesting learning experiences for both teachers and students.

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