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Children's Reactions to the Sept.11, 2001 World Trade Center Attack

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Psychologists: Attacks Will Leave Deep Scars

LONDON (Reuters News, September 11, 2001) - In scenes worse than a disaster film, three hijacked passenger jets slammed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Tuesday killing untold numbers of people and robbing a nation and the world of its sense of safety.

Trauma experts and psychologists said survivors of the catastrophe and relatives of those killed in the disaster would never be emotionally the same again.

For millions of others who watched the carnage on television the harrowing images will be imprinted forever in their memory.

Trauma References & Resources

Age-Related Reactions of Children to Disasters
An excellent overview of how a child's age affects response to disaster.
From the NY State Education Department's (still) excellent
Crisis Counseling Guide.

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters: What Parents Can Do
(National Institute of Mental Health)
An excellent discussion of what trauma is, how it impacts children and teens, and how it can be assisted by parents. [En Español]

Nightmare Response
A Mini-course for Clinicians and Trauma Workers on Posttraumatic Nightmares

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Booklets, fact sheets, and extensive references from Medline [Español]
(National Institute of Mental Health, National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health)

Psychologists: Attacks Will Leave Deep Scars
The world has become "an alien place" for many, with lasting impact predicted.


School Crisis Guide
An updated (.pdf-downloadable) guide from the NEA Healthy Futures project, created by educators and whose goal is to aid in preparation within schools, and to 'foster the creation of crisis teams with the ideas, tips, tools, and, resources that spur effective leadership and crisis management'.

Survivor Information - World Trade Center 9/01
Authorative information from the WTC - survivor lists, etc.

TalkPsychologyLive - Radio Interview (9-14-01)
Live discussion of crisis and trauma in the aftermath of the attacks (Fenichel/Kraus)

Talking (tough topics) with Children
Excellent general guidelines for post-trauma work with children, accessible and practical.
(Judith A. Myers, Purdue University)

A Teacher's Guide to Grief
Some concrete suggestions for teachers working with grief in the classroom. (.pdf)
(Ed Grassel - PBS - NAGC)

Trauma Information Pages
Award winning site from psychologist David Baldwin. Many "handouts" and resources.

School Violence

VIOLENCE EXPLODES IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS! (March 8, 2001)       [Resource List]

At least 11 students in California were under arrest and several other were suspended for making threats -- serious or otherwise -- to outdo Monday's shooting spree at Santana High School in a middle class suburb of San Diego. In Pennsylvania, a 14-year-old girl was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly shooting a female classmate in the cafeteria of their Roman Catholic high school. Incidents reported in California on Wednesday ranged from a 17-year old spotted in an Orange County school parking lot with a reproduction of an M-16 rifle to two teens in the desert resort town of Twentynine Palms accused of harboring a gun and a hit list of 16 classmates. In the San Diego area, sheriff's deputies were posted at all 12 high schools in the district comprising Santana High, and seven sheriffs were on full time duty at Santana High itself as classes slowly resumed.(Yahoo!/ABC News)

March 22, 2001 - ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING! In a school with an elaborate "school safety plan". It is imperative for school leaders to understand that we can't offer a safe and secure learning environment for children and adolescents unless the causes and warning signs of violence are addressed. Preventive mental health services in schools need to be taken seriously. Turning schools into armed camps is not the answer. An ounce of prevention...
Additional References

Adolescent Mental Health
Original articles and web-based resources for teens, educators, and practitioners.


Children and Violence
Articles and resources on the impact of school violence and other violence on children.

How to Cope with the Fear of Terrorism
An informed and informative primer on coping with fear of terrorism before and after a big event, including avoiding deeper trauma with over-immersion in video replays on TV and online - as happened to many on 9/11 and elsewhere, and can easily happen in today's digitally-immersed society.
(U.S. News & World Report)

How to Find Help For Life's Problems
Online information and brochures from the American Psychological Association's consumer Help Center.

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