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2020 - 123 Years of Clinical Psychology, 120 Years of School Psychology (though left for dead in New York City after 2010) ..... Education is still the unfulfilled promise for so many .... We are now into our 4th Digital Decade ... The age of Cyberpsychology, Digitalized Life, TMI and FOMO is upon us..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   

Dr. Mike & the Coneheads

Hi, welcome to my (original 1990's) Home Page!

Here one can (still) find information about legislation affecting mental health services - in New York City Schools, New York State, and nationwide (e.g., IDEA, Managed Care). To temper the serious, I've included some tasty Internet links, travel photography, Cyberspace Humor & a few thought-provoking examples of the human mind in action.

That's me, up above, "shrinking heads of the rich and famous", or pretending to. [That's the original Saturday Night Live Coneheads!] In reality, I am a clinical psychologist whose work has been in psychiatric hospitals, clinics, schools, disasters (as of late), and corporate settings. I also do some consultation in areas of online communication, education, and interpersonal relationships as they are integrated into every day life. My specialties are thinking, communication, and psychotherapy. My passions are people, travel & photography. Enjoy!

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[red dot]Current Topics in Psychology

[orange ball]Children & Violence /Trauma

[aqua ball]Adolescent Mental Health

[yellow ball]APA Convention Highlights

[orange ball]Q & A for Psychology Students

[yellow ball]Language and Thinking / Ego Development

[blue ball]School Psychology Issues & Resources

[red dot]Online Therapy: Technical and Ethical Issues

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[aqua ball]Photography by Fenichel: INDEX

[orange ball]Photography by Fenichel: Turkey

[yellow ball] Photography by Fenichel: Florida

 [yellow ball]Photography by Fenichel: Paris

 [red dot]Photography by Fenichel: New York

 [blue ball]Current Events: Hillary & Rudy

[orange ball] California - Big Sur, San Francisco, Alcatraz & L.A.  [yellow ball]Chicago   [orange ball] Cuba   [red dot]D.C.  

[aqua ball] Hawai'ian Islands - Oahu, Muai, Kauai, Big Island & Moloka'i    [blue ball]Moscow  

[red dot] The Netherlands - Dutch treats from Amsterdam, Volendam, & Zaanse Schans         

      [yellow ball]Northern Spain - Images from Oviedo (Asturias) & Pontedeume (Galicia)         

   [aqua ball] Prague[Updated]   [blue ball]Vintage Kodachrome - Sunsets, Antiques, Fish, & Flowers[Updated] 

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Internet Fun

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