Photography by Fenichel: Amsterdam

Day & Night

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            Microsoft Tram

            [Zaans Schans Windmills]
            Microsoft Tram: #1
                  Zaanse Schans Windmills
            [Typical Street Scene]             [Candy Store]
            Amsterdam - Typical Sights             Candy Store (Amsterdam)
            [Canal Houses and Boats]             [Centraal Station]
            Canal Houses and Boats             Panorama of Centraal Station (Amsterdam)

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            [Dam Monument at Night]             [Flying Bicycles and Graffiti]
            Dam Monument at Night             Flying Bicycles and Graffiti
            [Hot Dogs at 3AM]             [Tram, Light, Internet Cafe]
            All Night Snacks (Dam)             Tram to Dam (Amsterdam)

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