Photography by Fenichel:

Los Angeles


Welcome to La-La Land

Welcome to La-La Land

Bike and Tattoo Parlor

Zoltar Speaks - Venice Beach

Disney Soda Fountain - Hollywood

Hollywood Sign

California Collection:

[La-la Land]       [Tattoo Parlor]       [Disney Soda Fountain]  
La-La Land  Venice Beach Hollywood Blvd.

[Hollywood Sign]       [Zoltar Speaks]       [Golden Gate Bridge]  
Hollywood  Zoltar Speaks San Francisco

[Big Sur Flowers] [Pigeon Point Lighthouse] [Yosemite & High Sierras]
Big Sur  Pigeon Point Lighthouse Yosemite & High Sierras
   [Bird's Eye View] [Sausalito]


Birds's Eye View View from Sausalito Panorama: Golden Gate

[San Francisco Cityscape]

[Big Sur Panorama]  [Streetcar Scene]
San Fran Streetscape Big Sur Panorama San Francisco Streetcar
[Alcatraz Closeup] [Bay and Skyline]
[View from Pier 39]
Alcatraz View from SF Bay Pier 39 - Sea Lions

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