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Adolescent Health & Mental Health

Adolescence and Peer Pressure
From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, some down-to-earth information about peer pressure.

Anexoria and Eating Disorders
Here is a great deal of information presented by PBS in a special series entitled "Dying to be Thin". Includes Q&A about the eating disorders which are so prevalent among teenage girls in particular.

Children and Trauma
9/11 Disaster Resources - A discussion guide for teachers in approaching the World Trade Center tragedy with students, professional references for mental health practitioners, survivor links, and information about the signs and symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress syndrome. (Fenichel)

Children & Violence
A compilation of useful resources for teachers, counselors, parents, and students describing the causes and warning signs of violence. (Fenichel)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
From the Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, "the official site for everything related to OCD". Resources, Research and Recovery. A great page!

Peer Pressure
A collection of articles and interactive websites by and for teens. (Fenichel)

Psychology: Questions & Answers for Students
A clinical psychologist offers advice to students interested in, or studying psychology. "What's a cool topic?"
Ask Dr. Mike!

School Anxiety and School Phobia
Dr. Maureen Hogan, Past President of the NY State Psychological Association, School Division, presents a clear and informative paper. What do students really fear?

Advice for and by teens, articles on peer pressure & self-esteem, and success stories by Courageous Kids and teens. (Fenichel)

Teen Advice: What's that?
This is aimed at teens. A discussion about the demands of adolescence, including peer pressure, trying to feel good about yourself, & the importance of What is "Cool".

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