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Autism & Asperger Syndrome

Autistic savant
A short & sweet discussion of the "autistic savant", as presented in Rain Man etc. Interesting.
(Stephen Edelson, Ph.D.)

"Helping Different Kinds of Minds to Succeed"
Temple Grandin, Ph.D., at the August 2014 Convention of the American Psychological Association.
Dr. Grandin draws on personal experience and brain science to explain thinking styles and argue for a sensible education system which taps effective teaching through engagement, promoting a work ethic and opportunities for developing and sharing interests. Dr. Grandin encourages parents, therapists and teachers to 'stretch' - and appreciate - all kinds of minds.

"My Experiences with Visual Thinking Sensory Problems and Communication Difficulties"
From Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Center for the Study of Autism.
Fascinating first-hand account of autism. (See also: An inside view of autism)

Tony Attwood Interviews Temple Grandin
Dr. Attwood interviews Temple Grandin in front of a live audience (12-99). Dr. Grandin vividly describes autism through the prism of her own life and sheds new light on the role of calming, social challenges, and use of "visual humour". Amazing.

Research & Treatment Resources

Asperger Syndrome
The link above leads to a reference page on Asperger Syndrome. While the DSM-5 recently declared it a non-entity, those who have it, support it, or work with it, know how unique this 'part of the spectrum' actually is. While hospitals and universities are no longer highlighting AS materials, Yale University still has online a very useful article on Asperger's Syndrome: Guidelines for Treatment and Intervention.

To access additional online references, visit The Global Autism Collaboration website, which is available in many languages, and whose faculty includes prestigious researchers and educators. Highlights include pages devoted to autism awareness, which offers useful Advice for Parents of Young Autistic Children, and a page full of the latest research news. Plus information on joining global initiatives.

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