Photography by Fenichel:

"The Blackout"
New York, NY
July 13, 2019

View South on Broadway during NYC Blackout 2019


A warm summer night just beginning, and then... From the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with Lincoln Center, and down into the Broadway Theater District, cancelling shows and stopping elevators, cars, and traffic lights. J-Lo had to evacuate Madison Square Garden after her show had just started, 2 songs in.

Times Square darkened after sunset and much of Manhattan's West Side was left in complete darkness, except for headlights, taxi signage, flashing emergency lights, and food trucks. Also vividly visible in the sky above Broadway, something most have never seen in our lifetimes, above New York: a Jupiter &/or Saturn, alongside a super-bright full moon (on the 13th too, if one wants to be superstitious). Oh yes there was a huge and lengthy blackout once before, on this same date. When the moon is in the 7th House...


Trying to Hail a Taxi During a Blackout

Peace and Light - Food Truck in Blackout

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