Snowy Egret and Great Egret (Florida Gulf Coast)

[White Egret]

Here is a snowy egret, photographed on Siesta Key, mid 1980's, with film. Someone asked if this was processed/printed on fabric but no, this was actually roller-scanned from a print way back when....

Meanwhile, this is a more recent image, home home on the nest... What a great 'hairstyle' and attitude of these young snowy egret chicks:

[Tweeters - Snowy Egret Chicks]

You can tell a snowy egret from a great egret or a (white variation) blue heron by its combination of black legs and yellow "slippers".

Here is a short video clip (more recent, 4k video, 2019) where you can see both the coloring as well as typical behavior, spotting and spearing a fish.

Below is an adult Great Egret, in spring (breeding) plumage, the fine plumes ("aigrettes") once so highly sought for fashion-wear that these birds nearly became extinct.

[Adult Breeding Great Egret]

Great Egret

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