Welcome to the Swamp

[Welcome to the Everglades

Like much of Southern Florida this year, the Everglades and nearby swamps had fewer wading birds than usual this time of year (spring), which a park ranger noted as being due to the climate/weather this year, with many spots now too deep from rain for the waders to wade (and find food). However, in the water were not only many fish, but also dolphins.

And in the swamps and marshes, there is no shortage of insects.

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly>

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

Trees with knees, in Big Cypress Swamp

Cypress Swamp

Atala Butterfly (and Caterpillar)

[Atala Butterfly]

Meanwhile up above us, the raptors - eagles, osprey & red shouldered (or tailed) hawks - are watching.

Red Shouldered Hawkk

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