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Photography by Fenichel: Pricing Guide

Current Price List for Custom Orders

8x10 thru 10 x 14" Custom Photographic Prints

From negative or slide

If already cleaned, scanned at high resolution & no additional re-sizing required ...

*$50 minimum additional if extensive time is required for slide/negative cleaning, touch-up, re-sizing, etc.

From Digital Image ...

Pure digital images seen online, sized & printed to your custom specifications.... $100-150

Exact cost depends on paper; velvet paper is the most expensive, glossy the least. The price is high because (1) the paper and ink are expensive; (2) it takes my time to make each and every print, which I sign when I'm sure the print is perfect. (3) It's art! :-)

Each individual print is custom-made and signed by the photographer.

Digital Poster Prints

Posters can be made by Kodak or local photo labs and vary widely in quality of the paper, ranging from poster-print paper to high quality photographic paper and sophisticated digital imaging printers. I can not offer "poster prints" myself at this time. For a licensing/use fee of $100 + additional fee for work taking longer than one hour, I can size any digital image I have and send to a print-maker of your choice to send the poster directly to you. I have not had much luck getting accurate, satisfactory poster prints even when providing an image at the exact specifications asked for; therefore any such use of a 3rd party lab is at your own risk and I am not responsible for the quality of their work. If you truly want a large image of photographic quality I would suggest you consider a 10x14 true photographic print which I can make myself and assure it's of the highest quality and true to the original exposure, very close to what you see online. If you frame it with a few inches of matte around the image (matte and frame not included), this will be a photograph of quite a good size, more dramatic, and a collectible work of art as opposed to a paper poster.

A few words about my pricing policy....

I have been considered a photographer since the age of 7, when I did my own printing in the family basement. Over the years I continued my keen interest in capturing and presenting images, and have been encouraged to share my photography through exhibition, contests, and word-of-mouth sales. I ended up with a great many gallery-size prints, in my portfolio as well as on my walls. I have closets full of 8x12 and 10x14 prints, to say nothing of the 1/2-million plus Kodachrome slides which have accumulated over the years. Although I must spend most of my days devoted to my full-time profession, through the Internet I have managed to continue presenting my favorite images to those who may take pleasure in them.

You will note that in my
online catalog the prices for "in stock" prints vary, which reflects my own cost in terms of the printing as well as time spent running around to custom labs. In this online collection, there is a wide variety of pricing, ranging from some "bargain" prices, where I have several prints on hand, or where there is some slight surface wear, to some prints which were very expensive and time-consuming to make, including "artist's proofs" of very high quality, intended for gallery display.

In the case of requests for prints which I do not have on hand, which need to go to a lab or to have hi-resolution scans made of the original slide or negative, this requires at the minimum an hour or two of my labor, not to mention time spent searching for the original slide or negative, travelling to and from a custom lab (twice), and taking care of the packing, shipping, and payment details. As of October 1, 2004 I will no longer be "outsourcing" for the sake of slightly larger prints. I will personally make each and every print which I sell, and my signature on the photo (if desired) will attest to this being an original photograph, one of a very limited number of custom-made prints.

Now that I am my own lab for a variety of fine-art quality photography, I can assure a fair price for a true original photograph of the very highest quality, hand-printed by the photographer.

I am an individual photographer, not a company or (yet) a stock house. In every sense, Photography by Fenichel is truly unique, one-of-a-kind photography. All my prints are carefully custom-made using a 7-color archival ink printer using the best possible papers.

Prices on new custom prints include Fedex shipping.

Please e-mail me for any additional information.

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