Southwest Turkey

[Jetty at Kismet, Turkey]

These images are from Southern Turkey, near Kusadasi ('Bird Island'), overlooking the bay of Kismet.

Kismet, the subject of movies and title of taverns, is a Turkish word, which we all have heard somewhere - it means "Destiny". Not far from this spot, it is said, the original St. Nicholas (of Santa Clause fame) performed his miracles of healing and gift giving. Also nearby is a tiny stone home nestled along the river on the hill. This was the last earthly home of Virgin Mary. Inside now there is a small shrine. Outside, goats roam contentedly among olive trees. Nature and history are preserved even as a modern-day roadway now brings pilgrims and tourists to savor this spot. Historical and peaceful here.

These images have now been digitally scanned decently for the first time - after many years. From the original (Ektachrome) film, exactly as the 'film' saw this, as if being first 'developed' today, but digitally now. Using Nikon optics and Silverfast software - international scanning tools for this new century. Kismet.

Kismet - Destiny

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