Adolescent Health and Mental Health
Medical doctors, psychologists,counselors and teens offer advice and information.

High 5
From the NYS Council on the Arts, listings of terrific theater, art, film, dance, and music events in New York City, for which any middle or high school student can get $5 tickets. Teachers, parents, mentors and group leaders welcome too.

An interactive, wonderfully animated game of choices and memory. Clever, cool, challenging, and fun. Very creative.

Self-Esteem for Teens
A collection of articles and sites exploring the art of feeling good about yourself in the midst of peer pressure, school pressures, and the other stresses of adolescence. (Fenichel)

Violence: Causes and Effects on Children and Teens
Articles for psychology students, teachers, and parents, exploring the causes of violence and the warning signs. (Fenichel)

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