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Cool Pages

A.L.I.C.E. Artificial Intelligence Robot
This had long been one of my own favorite online sites! Engaging for both adults and for children of all ages. ALICE is/was "the world's smartest robot", who is very polite, sometimes funny, and very very smart. She knows everything, is patient, and can tolerate mean questions. A far cry from the early days of Eliza and other quite basic Artificial Intelligence.

Archives of Cool Pages
This is the final resting place of Cool Pages once they've been around for a while, without much change. Some oldies but goodies can be found here. (Now archived to save space and quicken load time on this page. A few newer finds below.)

CIA for Kids / "Spy Kids"
From the Central Intelligence Agency (really!), this is an educational and fun site for kids, and adults, too! Join the canine corps, try out disguises, check out aerial photography, or learn about geography, history & the CIA.

Doc Harris Home Page
A wild page! Tiny attack dogs, video surveillance, and witty "ads". A dazzling, irreverant delight.

"The world's smallest website". Believe it! Click on the icon (which is as big as the page gets) and choose html or flash. You can play a game of pong in such miniature you nearly need binoculars to see. Tiny. The pages are small but there are several features and pages. Truly a conversation piece. (Thanks to Azy for this one!)

Powers of 10
A cosmic perspective on the universe, from the Milky Way to sub molecular particles of our backyard plants: In powers of 10. Zoom in from outer galaxies to Earth and its atomic structure. Entertaining & educational.

Here's a really fun thing. Create your own "magical interactive artwork". Click & hold, use cursor to draw, and watch your wonderful colors & shapes woven into very cool art, 'suitable for framing'. Either a new addiction or a new online stress-reliever. Or both.

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Current Events

Current Events Now Has a Page of Its Own!

Just the highlights are listed below, to help this page load faster.
Click Here for the newly revised Current Events page.

ABYZ News Links
An amazing collection of news organization web sites. Look at news from all around the world or local to yourself, whether you live in North America, Europe, Asia, or Africa. And all points in between. A huge collection of news sources online.

BBC Online
From the UK's pre-eminent news broadcasting monolith, here's their online directory of how to best access breaking news and features on any of the BBC radio and television channels.
News | World Service | Learning ]

CNN Interactive
On-Line News and Features from Cable News Network

MORE News Resources]

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Digital Art and Photography

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
Some beautiful, inspirational photos, solo shots and in series. So true how 'a picture is worth 1000 words'. Here are a few which capture the goodness in people, and which will hopefully bring some smiles and hope. (BuzzFeed)

Digital Art & Photography
A collection of online exhibitions by artists, museums, and photographers, from the Louvre to the MOMA, from Ansel Adams to Hitchcock and the artists of Cyberspace. Digital Camera Reviews and Forums.

Fenichel Photography [Updated]
Take a brief tour or view dozens of online exhibits. Featuring scenic stops in New York City, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm Bodrum-Ephesus-Istanbul (Turkey), Holland Hawai'ian Islands, Big Sur, California, Digital D.C., and Florida.   Digital Coolpix Gallery: Central Park: Winter Wonderland  Spain - Oviedo, Gijon, Cudillero, Pontedeume   Prague (Praha), CZ   Cuba

[ More Digital Art & Photography]

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Film Picks by Mr.G
Filmster-triviatist Amadeus G picks "The Best 86 Films of All Time". A bit dated (mostly 1960's-90's), but still a great conversation piece!

New York Film Festival 2015

Theatre Development Fund
Excellent resource for Broadway Theatre goers, from New York's TDF. Special features and information on how to get low cost last-minute tickets through TCKTS.

TV Land
From Nick at Nite, a collection of great television-related pages, including classic theme songs, message boards, interviews, and varied multi-media.

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Family Fun

Visually dazzling, this is a terrific site for teachers and parents of young children, aged 3 and up. A colorful cross between Disneyland and Sesame Street, a 100% child-safe environment of wonderment and learning. Words, numbers, & life are all presented with audio and visual pizazz. Developed by child psychologists and educators.

Comics.com (Formerly The Comic Zone)
Something for everyone, including editorials, satire, and classic, vintage comic strips from Marmaduke and Li'l Abner to Peanuts to Dilbert and the Grizzwells, with all sorts of interactive web pages in between. (United Media)

From A to Z (Amusement Parks, zoos) with everything from art, books, bowling, cultural activities, hiking, museums, nature, school, and shopping in between, a densely-packed directory, by location.

Family EducAtion Network
The #1 rated family site by Family PC magazine. A national partnership of local schools and parents. Information and discussion groups.

NeoPets are a huge phenomenon among older children and young teens. Create your own pets and unusual creatures, tend to their needs, compare with your friends' Neopets, participate in NeoPet activities, play games, and create a world as rich in magic as that of Harry Potter. If you don't know what to do with this, ask a group of web-savvy kids!

PBS Kids
Colorful, interactive pages for kids who love PBS shows like Sesame Street, Zoom , Teletubbies, and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Also features Fun & Games, a PBS Kids TV guide, Coloring Pages and more.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey
Here it is, "The Greatest Show on Earth", now online at a circus screen near you!

Here's one for kids of all ages, a site with features and reminiscences about the games we played on the streets of our childhoods. Stoop-ball, hopscotch, stickball, you name it, it's all here, presented by some very prestigious sources.

Teen Time
Websites for today's teens. Includes several types of interactive pages, both fun and educational.
(My favorite is the map game - become a geography wiz in no time! With a very kind and funny guide.)

Winnie the Pooh and An Expotition to A Wonderful Place
The ultimate Winnie-the-Pooh site for kids of all ages, and parents too.
[This wonderful site seems to have disappeared, sadly, 10-2007. We'll give it a chance to return. Meanwhile, here is another site devoted to Just Pooh

Winnie the Pooh
"Everything you always wanted to know about Winnie the Pooh and friends."

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Chinese Food: Chop Suey
This site confirms that the translation of "Chop Suey" is, roughly, "odds & ends". With links to other food trivia.

Dim Sum - Explained.

Hershey Chocolate Recipes...and Pasta Too!

Recipes by Request: Dessert Specialties
Maria Giancarli's Heavenly Tiramisu. Molto bene!

Tante Marie's Recipe Collection
From Tante Marie's Cooking School, an incredible range of delicioso food, from asparagus torta to fig mozzarella and mizuna salad with thai basil. Also a variety of great pasta dishes, meat and seafood entrees, Hors d'Oeuvres, desserts and seasonal/holiday specialties. Mmmm.

CLICK HERE for Full-Course Food Page.

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Friends' Pages

Sandee's Poetry in Motion
Reflections for the New Year.

Tony & Lee's Doo-Wop Page
Figs, Oscars, Selena and more.

Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors
Fascinating perspectives from psychologist/philosopher/professor John Suler.
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Human Interest ("Food for Thought")

Archeology, Hobbies, and Barbie Dolls (4/97)
This is an amazing true story. (And Very Funny!)

Believe it or Not: Humans in the Zoo (9/96)
A Danish couple moves into the Primate House

Follow the stories and sightings of Puerto Rico's legendary space creatures from the swamps (of Miami). Hide your goats! ( Skepdic.com )

Dead People Server
For trivia fans, not cannibals! Status of Celebrities. "Fun"- Pat Paulsen.

Kabalarian Name Analysis
What's in a Name? The Kabalarian Philosophy has the answer, so they say. Check out what your first name says about your character. Is it better than a fortune cookie or astrology? You decide.

Missing Socks Page
From the Bureau of Missing Socks. Ever wonder where they go?
Research, newsgroups, and museum collections on the phenomenon of one-sock "pairs".

The Royalty in History Page
Fascinating accounts of royalty, from Caligula to present-day European Monarchs. With Mad Monarchs and an interactive history quiz. From Holland.

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Capitol Steps OnLine
The sharpest political satire in America! Zany troup of former political aides, pokes fun at both political parties with equal mirth and mercilessness. Like watching Monty Python with an American accent. Very funny, and now regularly updated with new material.

Comedy Central Online
CyberVersion of the Cable Show, with links, jokes, South Park, and more.

Managed Care Jokes and Nursing/Medical Humor
Many of the healthcare humor pages seem to shift and vanish, but these are solid starting points.
(From the Northern County Psychiatric Associates, and Nurse Friendly, respectively)

My Own Favorite E-Mail and Internet Humor
Topical and seasonal jokes and jabs.
Now Featuring:
Christmas Humor, Computer Humor, Excuses, Politics and Relationships.

ClariNet presents jokes of the day, best-of, and a comprehensive collection of contemporary e-mail humor.

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Internet & Cyberstuff -
Websurfing and World Wide Web Tools

This section has grown so big, it's now on its own page, at:

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New York, New York

New York just keeps growing, and so does this collection!
Now on its own page,
Click Here for New York City Links
(These are just a few highlights, below.)

9/11 Memorial
"The Memorial Museum is committed to offering useful educational programs and materials about the events of September 11, 2001"
Aside from the educational, as of 9/2011, the public can now view and reflect upon the pools and names (and wealth of history in the museum) - for some somber, perhaps spiritual, remembrances of that day which altered history. Tickets are required and may be reserved via this site. (Donations optional.)

American Museum of Natural History
View educational exhibits from the comfort of your home or school. Archives of previous exhibits and special new features, along with a family planning guide and an educators' guide.

Live From Lincoln Center!
Nicely designed page, complete with Fountain! Informative and current.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
An impressive collection, both online and off. Features include a listing of Exhibitions and Exhibitions and events as well as avisitor's guide to help plan your visit. (There are online maps and a mobile 'app' too.)

New York City: Photography by Fenichel[Updated]
From Central Park and Strawberry Fields to Times Square & Coney Island. Special digital image collections of NYC cows, taxis, tributes to John Lennon, George Harrison, Hillary & Rudy, Blizzard of Y2k, World Trade Center, and more. [New] Pandemic 2020

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Now on it's own page, with room to grow.
Click Here for Radio-Satellite-TV Links

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Search Engines & Search Tools

Now on its own page: Click Here for SEARCH TOOLS

Search Engine Watch (nee The Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines and Directories)
Nicely presented general reference.

Way Back Machine
Here's a great resource for those who are looking for a specific web page at a particular point of Internet history, from 1996 until present. From a database of over 30 billion cached web pages... "The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public." [Source]

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Air | Asia | France | Hawaii | Holland | Hotels | Ireland | Italy | Middle East | Scandinavia | Spain | Turkey | UK | USA

This section has grown so big, it's now on its own page, at: http://www.fenichel.com/travel

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Farmer's Almanac
Weather Forecast for November 2006 - October 2007
Hear about our weather up to a year in advance!!

Farmer's Almanac
Weather Forecasts short and Long-Range, plus all sorts of other information (and blogs), from frost cycles to cooking, gardening and more.
Hear about our weather up to a year in advance!!

Mr. Weather - Robert, N2OWI
New York City's former ARES/RACES/SKYWARN Commander (And now WB6NYC).

Rain or Shine
A partnership between Accu-Weather and Old Farmer's Almanac, an easy-to-use page for information about weather anywhere on Earth, with forecasts, maps, weather facts, and LiveCams.

The Weather Channel
Weather Channel On-Line features special seasonal features such as pollen counts and fall foliage reports.

Formerly Wx4U in the early days... This is an updated and still favorite all-in-one resource used by weather-watchers and first responders. It's set (at the title link above) for New York but you can choose any place to get the weather for on that start page or here.

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Words/Wordmen/Last Words

This section has moved to it's own page, at: http://www.fenichel.com/words.shtml

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