Photography by Fenichel: Cuba

Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Trinidad, & Havana

"2-Sided Coin"

Street Art: 2-Sided Coin

Cienfuegos - Santa Clara


Life Watching [Cargo Transport on Cobblestone]
Watching Life Go On Cargo Service


[Cienfuegos Sunrise]    [Bicycles at Doorway]

Sunrise in Cienfuegos

   Bicycles at the Door

[Cienfuegos Sunrise]

[Cargo Transport]

[Sunshine beyond the bars]

[Colorful home and bicyles - Santa Clara]


Wet Cobblestone Street

Trinidad View

Trinidad View

[Two Sides of Cuba Coin]  
[Wet Stone Street]
Trinidad View
Two Sides of the Coin

  Wet Stone Street (Trinidad)

Trinidad View

[Plaza Mayor in the Rain]
Pink Car - Hotel Nacional [Havana Cathedral]
Plaza Mayor (in the Rain)

Pink Car - Hotel Nacional

  Havana Cathedral


[View of Havana]       [Colors of Old Havana]    [The Hills]
Havana View from La Cabaña     Colors of Old Havana     Sloppy Joe's & Capitol

[Morro Castle-La Cabana] [La Cabana Panorama]

La Cabaña

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro

La Cabaña - Panorama

[color line]

Hemingway's Home in Cuba: Finca Vigia

Hemingway's Typewriter

[Hemingway's Typewriter]       [Hemingway's Living Room]

[Hemingway's Closet]             [Pilar - Hemingway's Boat]

Pilar - Hemingway's Boat

Hemingway's Living Room: Books, Trophies, Drink Tray

Hemingway's Library - with Picasso Plate

Hemingway's Closet: Boots and Uniform

[color line]

HAVANA (Habana)

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña / Castillo del Morro

La Cabana-Castle-Fortress

Fortaleza de la CabaƱa

City Scenes

Havana View

Sloppy Joe's and Capitol

Pink Car at Hotel Nacional

Havana Cathedral

Havana Colors

"Old and Older Havana" - Classic and Timeless

Cigar Lady

Cigar Lady

Flamenco Dancers - Black and White

Cigar Lady No 2

[Cigar Lady]       [Cigar Lady]      

[Cigar Lady v2]       [Flamenco Dancers]


The Havana Queens are an award-winning, independent/private dance company who perform a variety of traditional and modern styles. Here is a short sample from a recent rehearsal I was fortunate to attend (November 2017)

Havana Queens

Havana Queens

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Finally, a few "bonus videos" of some authentic Cuban phenomena, from chamber music to flamenco, Spanish classic to modern dance. With a capella Holiday music in between, like this warm sendoff on our last night in Havana before heading North for the holidays - and snow.

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