Photography by Fenichel

Pandemic: New York, Spring 2020


[Walking with Dog and Masks - Riverside NYC - BW]

Riverside Walk

Squirrel - Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut]

"Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut"

"Why are all these humans in my park hiding their faces?"


[First Flower]

First Flower

This was the first flower I saw this year, as winter turned into 9 weeks indoors into Spring 2020.

Happy Dalmation]

Happy Dalmatian

Yes, there is still a park, and it really is springtime!
However, the spot he is looking longingly towards is the park's dog run, now closed.


Spring Blossoms

[Masked Couple at 79th St. Rotunda]


[Citarella Fish Line]

'Social Distanced' Line for Fish

[Doing Our Part]

"Doing Our Part"



Time it was,
And what a time it was
It was . . .
A time of innocence
A time of confidences

- Paul Simon

Eleanor Roosevelt in Mask]

Eleanor Roosevelt

"Upon moving to the White House in 1933, Eleanor Roosevelt informed the nation that they should not expect their new first lady to be a symbol of elegance, but rather "plain, ordinary Mrs. Roosevelt".... In 1933, Mrs. Roosevelt became the first First Lady to hold her own press conference....Throughout Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency, Eleanor traveled extensively around the nation, visiting relief projects, surveying working and living conditions, and then reporting her observations to the President....She became an advocate of the rights and needs of the poor, of minorities, and of the disadvantaged." - FDR Library


Gardening - 'Brownstone' Style

[First Flower]

Riverside Walk

[New] Part 2: Central Park - in the New New York

New York, Spring 2020

[Spring Blossoms]       [Masks-Riverside]       [Dalmatian Desire]  
Spring Blossoms  Riverside Walk Dalmatian Desire

Eleanor in Mask]       [First Flower]       [Squirrel with Peanut]  
Eleanor Roosevelt in Mask  First Flower 'Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut'

   [Brownstone Gardening] New Look of Love]


Brownstone Gardening Love's New Look Bookends


[Doing Our Part]  [Masks-Riverside]
Socially Distanced Line 'Doing Our Part' Dog & Human Walk

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