Photography by Fenichel

Pandemic: New York, Spring 2020 - Pt.2: Central Park


[Bow Bridge - Accordianist - Masks - BW]

Bow Bridge

[Geese and Turtles

Geese and Turtles




The Accordionist

Art: Paint and Selfie]

Art and the Selfie

Bethesda Fountain sans water]

Angel of the Waters (Bethesda Fountain)



These grow in several colors, apparently different varieties reacting - as they do - to alkaline level in the soil.

[Bow Bridge 2020]

Bow Bridge - Memorial Day, 2020

[Pond and Fishing Rod]

In the Heart of New York!

Selfie Artist and Painter

Pick Your Palette, Select Your Screen

[Bow Bridge Pinhole 2020]

What were rowboats are now ducks and geese

[Imagine Mosaic]


New York, Spring 2020
Part 1: Riverside Park

[Spring Blossoms]       [Masks-Riverside]       [Dalmatian Desire]  
Spring Blossoms  Riverside Walk Dalmatian Desire

Eleanor in Mask]       [First Flower]       [Squirrel with Peanut]  
Eleanor Roosevelt in Mask  First Flower 'Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut'

   [Brownstone Gardening] New Look of Love]


Brownstone Gardening Love's New Look Bookends


[Doing Our Part]  [Masks-Riverside]
Socially Distanced Line 'Do Your Part' Dog & Human Walk

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