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August 2006: New Orleans 
[114th Convention - New Orleans 2006]

Asynchronously Live From New Orleans
On-site Reports from the 114th American Psychological Association Convention:
[New]Further Conversation with Aaron T. Beck

Summer 2005: Washington, D.C. 

[113th Convention - Washington 2005]

Asynchronously Live Reports, August 2005
From the 113th American Psychological Association Convention:

Distinguished Elders Appraise the Field of Psychotherapy
APA CONVENTION 2004: Honolulu HI

Summer 2003: Toronto


Asynchronously Live Reports - 2003
From the 111th American Psychological Association Convention:
Aaron T. Beck | Quality of Online Health Info | Sternberg's Vision  

Summer 2002

Cyberspace Travels for Psychological Researchers, Educators, and Practitioners
Chicago, August 24, 2002
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[Chicago]   Reports from APA 2002 --
Beck-Ellis - Pt.2  | "Behavior Therapies" | Cyberspace & Psychology | E-ethics

Summer 2001

2001: A Cyberspace Odyssey
Integrating the Internet into our 21st Century Lives.

San Francisco
Monday, August 27, 2001, 11:00AM-12:50PM
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[San Francisco]   Reports from APA 2001

The Library of Congress hosted this travelling exhibition featuring the photographs and manuscripts of Sigmund Freud.
Click Here for the Online Exhibition Overview
Click Here for Programs and Information from the Freud Museum (London)

Y2k Highlights

June 4, 2000
Overloaded or Downloaded: Maximizing the Internet for Psychologists
NY State Psychological Association Presidential Mini-Convention, New York City

August 4-8, 2000
Washington, D.C.
[DC image] Reports from Convention 2000

"Asynchronously live" Convention highlights from this fin-de-síecle gathering of psychologists. Spotlights on Psychology and Society in the 21st Century.   [1999 Reports] [2001] [2002]

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