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APA Convention 2015
Aaron T. Beck at 94: On Humanism and Schizophrenia  | Albert Bandura: Moral Agency  
Danny Wedding: Psychology in the Movies | Phil Zimbardo on The Stanford Prison Experiment

  Moscow Talks - 2014 - "Context and Perspective"

Device Devotion: FOMO, Screen Creep, Identity, 'Addiction' [Updated]

[ 9/11 - PTSD ]
Children & Violence Trauma - Coping with Disaster
Children and Trauma   Children's Reactions to WTC Disaster

"Device Devotion"
"Facebook Addiction Disorder"
Case Study Group: 1/2 Decade Report
"Online Therapy" - Online Counselling
Myths and Realities of Online Clinical Work
Online Psychotherapy: Technical Difficulties, Formulations and Processes
The Here and Now of Cyberspace     Repression: Anxiety Filter for the Ego

2014 APA Convention Highlights:
Zimbardo on Evil vs. Heroism  | Aaron T. Beck at 93  | Temple Grandin: All Kinds of Minds

2013 APA Convention Town Hall:
2013: The Release of (and reaction to) DSM-5

2012 APA Convention Highlights:
Transmedia Storytelling | Opening | Virtual Reality Applications 2012 | DSM5: Q&A | Drew Westen: Dysfunctional Democracy
Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligences | Zimbardo: Analysis of a TED Event

2011 APA Convention Highlights:
2011: eHealth Odyssey | Googling, Twittering, Poking | Zimbardo: Reflections + Enduring Lessons from 40 Years Ago: Stanford Prison Experiment
Opening | Avatar-based Therapy | Canine Cognition: Chaser | Aaron T. Beck @90 | Cavanagh: Computerized CBT | Seligman: Flourish
PsychTech: Virtual & Augmented Reality | Relationships 3.0 | POKE ME: Social Networks & Kids | Telehealth & Telepsychology Licensure - Barriers and Possible Solutions

2010 APA Convention Highlights:
Online Support Groups & Applications | Evidence & Ethical Practice | Opening Ceremony | Sir Michael Rutter: Resilience
Group Memory | Psychology in the Digital Age | Steven Hayes: What Psychotherapists Have that the World Needs Now

2009 APA Convention Highlights:
Internet Pathways | Opening | Virtual Psychology & Therapy | Q&A with Zimbardo | Seligman: Positive Education
Future of Internet Media | Sex, Love, & Psychology | How Dogs Think

2008 APA Convention Highlights:
Grand Theft Childhood | Opening | Malcolm Gladwell |College Success, Love, Hate, More | My Life With Asperger's
My Space, You Tube, Psychotherapy, Relationships... | Aaron T. Beck - 2008 | The Mind and Brain of Voters

2007 APA Convention Highlights:
Humanizing an Inhumane World | Opening Session | Albert Bandura | Linehan, on Suicide
Psychology's Future | Conversation with Aaron T. Beck - 2007 | Evil, Hate, & Horror

2006 APA Convention Highlights:
Online Psychotherapy & Research | Psychological Vital Signs | Cognitive Therapy
Chaplin | Conversation with Aaron T. Beck | Dr.Phil | 21st Century Ethics | Media: Town Hall '06

2005 APA Convention
Opening Session | Distinguished Elders of Psychotherapy | Legends of Psychology | Online Clinical Work

2003 APA Convention:
Aaron Beck 2003 | Quality of Online Health Info | Sternberg's Vision

2002 APA Convention Articles:
CyberSex & Cyber-Infidelity | Beck & Ellis 2002 | Behavior Therapy | CyberPsychology | E-Ethics

INDEX OF 2001 APA Convention Articles:
Behavioral Telehealth | E-biz of Mental Health | 2001: A Cyberspace Odyssey

  "Asynchronously Live from APA 2000: Psychology and Society at Millennium's End"
1999 Report | Y2k Convention: Town Hall Meeting | Beck-Ellis Dialogue | Online Communication and "Therapy"

  Children & Violence: Research from psychologists, information for parents, and teaching tools for educators and counselors.

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Hawai'ian Islands

Big Island: Refuge Hilo Kona | Kaua'i | Maui: Dragan Teeth Volcano Haleakala Cows Volcano | Moloka'i[Updated] | Oahu : Chinaman's Hat

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Moscow, Russia[Updated]

[St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow]

MOSCOW : St.Basil's Cathedral: Day & Night | Red Square | Lenin's Grave | Kremlin | Russian Arts | Metro Art | Tretyakov Gallery | City Sights

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Netherlands (Holland)

Dutch treats from Amsterdam, Volendam, and the windmills of Zaanse Schans.

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New York, New York[Updated]

[NYC Skyline]   NYC Collection: Central Park Rowboat | Henri Moore | Coney Island
Cows on Parade | Digital NYC | Autumn & Winter Scenes : White Christmas in Central Park   Sleds in Park

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Paris, France

[Paris] Click Here for Photos of Paris and Versailles

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Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

[Prague Castle at Night - Click for main page of Prague exhibit]

Prague : Angels | Charles Bridge | UFO | Astronomical Clock (Orloj) | Týn Church | Hus Monument | Vltava Views
Hradcany : St.George Basilica | Josefov | Jubilee | Mala Strana : Mala Strana View | Wenceslas Square || Kutna Hora

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El Monasterio de San Xoan de Caaveiro

España: Cudillero | Gijón: Tower Door & Bell | Torre de los Hevia | Ode to the Horizon | Cimadevilla
Oviedo:   Cathedral  Church  LaRegenta  Prerrománico  Sidra  Traveler | Pontedeume : Monastery

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Turkey: Bodrum, Ephesus, & Istanbul

[Bodrum Camel]   [St.John's Grave]   [Süleymaniye Mosque]  
Festive Camel (Bodrum)   Grave of St. John (Ephesus) Images of Istanbul

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