Kilauea Volcano - Lava Flow

Summer 2013: Big Island's Kilauea Volcano spews molten lava into the sea

[Kilauea Volcano - Lava Flow]

[Kilauea Lava Flow - H]

One never really knows when 'Mother Nature' - or Madame Pele - will awake, as the Spring 2018 venting and eruption of Kilauea illustrates. Nature must be respected, and our (human) 'leaders' need to prioritize attention to our shared mother planet.

Nearby on the island of
Maui is Mt. Haleakala, which boasts incredible altitude and an other-worldly caldera (now dormant).

See more images of Mt. Haleakala here, beginning with its high-altitude nature, enjoyed by those who thrive there, including these Maui cows.

There are many amazing natural adaptations at the crater's edge, including one of the most amazing (and rarest) plants on earth, the Haleakala Silversword.

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