Boulevard of Sidra

Oviedo, Asturias

[Boulevard of Sidra]

Aside from its unique culture, history, and geography, the northern region of Asturias is well known for the celebration of the apple and its wine, or "sidra". There is a ritual where a person pours from over the shoulder, the bottle high up in the air, into a thin glass held by the other hand at waist level, the person who "throws sidra" appearing as nonchalant as the torreodor does while facing el toro.

The whole street is devoted to sidra bars as well as other Asturian treats (such as tapas and wines and cheeses). Below you can see the classic tradition of enjoying sidra.

[Throwing Sidra]

Here it is, the traditional pouring of sidra. And, look! He's filling 2 glasses at once!

Did I mention that many people absolutely love to pour and drink this apple beverage? This is a perfect example of "throwing sidra" from bottle to glass, correctly. A talent which many Asturians like to demonstrate.

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