Tortilla de Patata (Spanish Potato Omelot)

Peel potatoes and slice into small thin wedges (size of coin). Cut onion into small pieces.

Heat 1/2 inch of olive oil over medium-high flame in a large pan (a special pan in Spain, but a large skillet or frying pan works well in the U.S.). Sautee the potatoes covered in the oil, stirring occasionally and adding onions after potatoes begin to get soft (about 5 minutes). Cook the potato/onion mixture, removing portions with a strainer when properly cooked (soft texture and sweet smell but not overcooked). Strain carefully and add the potato & onions to the beaten egg. Add a small amount of salt.

Reserve the olive oil -- in Spain, typically storing the clear liquid using a funnel ("embudo") and oil holder ("aceitera"). Keep only a thin coating of olive oil in pan. Lower flame (to medium).

Stir the potato/onion/egg mixture well and then add to heated pan. Cook until golden brown. Turn over (in Spain, using a large plate held over pan, specific to this purpose), and cook other side until perfectly browned to preference. Again, flip the pan over to place perfectly browned tortilla onto large plate.


This is an authentic recipe for one of Spain's most popular dishes. Using few ingredients and easy to prepare, a delicious and satisfying meal.

*Note that by using one more potato and egg, the result is a thicker "pancake". The basic recipe easily satisfies 2 hungry people. It is typically served cold on a later day following initial preparation.

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