McLaughlin Crumble (Apple Crumb)

Easy to make, and without a doubt a huge hit at this year's Holiday Party, the McLaughlin Crumble is awesome as an apple crumb cobbler like we remember as kids, and can be made with other fruits, similarly.

Mix the topping ingredients together, by hand: Oats/Granola, Flour, Brown Sugar and Butter. Kneed until the consistency is right. Add more flour/sugar as necessary, according to taste. Similarly, adding granola will make the result more crunchy.

Place cut apples into large baking pan. Cover with "lots of white sugar", especially if using tart fruits.

[ "Also, cinnamon is always a hit in the topping and sprinkled over the fruits. If one has fresh nutmeg...even better!" ]

Cover the fruit with the crumble topping.

Heat at 350-375 degrees for about an hour.

Remove, let cool (at least a little) or serve warm.


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