Strawberry Fields (Central Park, New York City)

[Imagine Mosaic - Central Park]

This is the mosaic in New York's Central Park, a monument to John Lennon's vision of peace and love.

Below is the "IMAGINE" monument, 20 years exactly from the day John Lennon was gunned down in front of his home on Central Park West & 72nd Street (The Dakota).   December 8, 1980

This is the scene Dec.8 2000, with flowers and photographs, and tourists and fans from everywhere on earth, pausing to reflect. Imagine. I signed this poster, too: "We all shine on!"

[Imagine 2000 - Tap for More Central Park]

Today, decades since that tragic ending to a Dream, around our planet today, Lennon still inspires us to Imagine a better world.

Lennon Wall, Prague (2009)

Lennon Wall - Prague - Praha
Lennon Wall, Prague (2009)

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We all Shine On

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