Photography by Fenichel: Florida

Flowers and Birds

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[Peach Hibiscus]

     [Pink Hibiscus]
Peachy Hibiscus
      Pink Hibiscus
[Bird of Paradise] [White Egret]
Bird of Paradise White Egret   

(More Flowers [2002]) (Looking for Alligators?)
[Red Berries]             [White Hibiscus]
Black-eyed Redberries?             White Hibiscus
[White swans-thumbail] [Muscovy Duck]
White Swans Muscovy Duck   

[The Fisherman] [Bicycle Silhouette]
"The Fisherman" Bicycle Silhouette   
(Photo and text) (Siesta Key)

[Parrots] [Emu]
Two Lovebirds The Emu
(Photo and story) (Photo and story)

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