Stockholm, Sweden

Here is the view from atop the bell tower at the State House (Stadshuset). Across the way are two small islands: Riddarholmen with its stately, shapely, pastel-colored buildings, is in the foreground. The larger island behind contains the "Old City" of Gamla Stan, densely packed with alleys, shops, cafes and Swedish history. It is also home to the Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet), churches, an historic town square, and numerous ships and grand hotels along the water's edge.

Stockholm is part of an archipelago of over 24,000 islands. Thus there are quite a few bridges, many of which can be easily walked. Stockholm is renowned for both its beauty and cultural heritage, with international activities ranging from a water festival to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize for literature. In the summer, for good reason, much of the activity is outdoors. This includes museums as well as competitions of all sorts in the water - something for everyone.

With only a few days to spend, it can be great fun exploring the winding alleys, listening to music or having a meal on the historic town square (Stortorget), and taking in the colorful shops and many monuments to be seen in Gamla Stan, the "Old City" of Stockholm. This section is also home to the Parliament House (Riksdagshuset) and the Royal Palace, complete with the
Changing of the Guard.

Adjacent to Gamla Stan, some just a short walk away, are other islands which are home to museums and trendy shopping and dining spots, such as Södermalm. Nearby, on Kungsholmen, is the State House, where it is possible to climb the belltower for a majestic view of Stockholm, old and new.

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