Monumento Prerrománico: Iglesia de Santa María del Naranco

Asturias, España

[Iglesia de Santa María del Naranco ]
Photograph Copyright © 2003-2016 Michael Fenichel

Here on Mount Naranco overlooking the Asturian city of Oviedo, are 2 of the 3 remaining examples of 8th and 9th Century Pre-Romanesque art and architecture. These churches have some unique features which predate the popular Roman style, including extensive use of slats and ornately carved stone windows, from a time before glass existed. Note the delicate stone sculpture, arches, stairs and columns, still beautiful to behold after 12 centuries.

Monumento Prerrománico: San Miguel de Lillo

Mt. Naranco, Asturias

Photograph Copyright © 2003-2017 Michael Fenichel

This 9th Century (IX Siecle) church is a perfect example of the art and architecture of the prerrománico style. Some of the unique features not seen elsewhere as the Roman style spread around Europe include stylized arches within arches, ornamental windows and sculpture.
Still awe inspiring after 1000 years.

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