Photography by Fenichel

Skyline of Manhattan: Buildings and Bridges

[View of Chrysler Building and 59th Street Bridge]

This is from the top of New York's Empire State Building. The view here is of the iconic Chrysler Building and, behind it, the locally-called 59th Street Bridge.*

The magnificent Chrysler Building, in shiny silvery art-deco style, plays backdrop in numerous photos and popular movies, most notably perhaps, King Kong. This view here would be obtructed in that movie by the eye of King Kong, with the river to his back, Fay Wray in one hand, and his other hand wrapped around the top of the building he had climbed.

* As a musical sidenote - and suggested sound track - many people know and love a song about that bridge, though few ever knew the song's name. But this groovy-feelng song is titled,

The 59th Street Bridge Song "

Below is the view from a unique vantage point, no longer possible; The photo was taken on Christmas Day 1994 (with Kodachrome and Canon SLR) from the rooftop of Tower 1, World Trade Center, standing near the iconic transmission tower and master antenna. These are Manhattan's (lower) East River Bridges, looking North: The 'BMW' bridges - From bottom to top, the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Williamsburg Bridge. These are at the Southern Tip of Manhattan in the Upper Bay (leading to Atlantic Ocean), just before the East River begins.

[View of East River Bridges from 1 WTC]

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