New York, NY

The Cyclone

[The Cyclone-Coney Island-Click on photo to see digital 2008 images of Astroland's last days.]
Photograph Copyright © 1994-2008 Michael Fenichel

Here is the original Cyclone Roller Coaster, at Coney Island, in New York City (Brooklyn, to be exact). Coney Island is one of the few summer fun places where urban dwellers can get directly to by Subway. You can still get a good hot dog here... it just costs a bit more!

A sad note: Astroland is closing forever Sept. 7, 2008. The Cyclone will remain, encircled by high-rise condominiums. The Cyclone itself is protected as an historic Landmark. But gone now are the days of Coney Island, the Amusement Park (Astroland). :-(       [ A Final Tribute to Coney Island / Astroland ]

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Photography by Fenichel Copyright © 1996-2008 Michael Fenichel