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[Times Sq. N.]
[MooYork Cow]     [Cow Detail]
Times Square 2000 Moo York Cow - W.72nd Street Cow Detail - Macro
Have you seen Times Square Lately?(New Yorkers do love nature!)(From New York's Cow Parade)
[Atlas] No red eye here! [Holy Cow]
Atlas Brown Eyes Holy Cow
(Rockefeller Center, 5th Ave) Do you see red-eye? (Across from St.Patrick's Cathedral)
[Moovie Cow] [Glass Fish] [Herend Horse]

Moovie Cow Glass Fish Herend Horse
Near Sony Theater, Upper W.Side (w/Auto Flash) (Thanks to Ellis at Scully&Scully)

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The images above were all taken with the Nikon Coolpix 990, within one week of its coming out of the box (early July), and prior to reading the manual. Almost all these images were taken in auto mode, except for the macro shot and some fiddling with the indoor photos of Herend (with the built-in flash). The nice weather and my first days off from work in a long time inspired a great deal of walking around the Big Apple with this new digital toy. It really is terrific, and a conversation-stopper, too.

Don't believe everything you read in the reviews--about red-eye, loud autofocusing, etc. (All right, it's true! I lost the lens cap within 15 minutes... but I will survive!) These images were originally captured as jpeg's, 2048x1536 size, and reduced here to 100 dpi 5.25 x 7 inch images. They print incredibly well on even a 3-color Epson printer, at 8x12. Amazing. And easy.

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