Moloka'i Beaches

Mo'omomi and Dixie Maru

[Dixie Maru]

Dixie Maru Beach (West Moloka'i)

Here are two favorite spots enjoyed by locals, Mo'omomi with its volcanic rocks and sheltered inlet for swimming, and Dixie Maru on the West shore at the end of the road. People say Dixie Maru is made for sunsets, and it certainly offers a lovely setting with the sun straight ahead and a variety of rocks and trees (including the 'signature tree', with its lovely but poisonous fruit).

[Dixie Maru Beach at Dusk]

Dixie Maru at Dusk

[Mo'o'omi Beach]

"Malama Mo'o'momi"

Mo'o'momi, unlike Papohaku, doesn't have endless stretches of sand but it's calmer here, and this is a favorite spot for swimming. There is some sand (and black sand too) but mostly it's rocky and the surrounding campsites and dirt roads (proudly) 'undeveloped'. The signs say to respect the land and sea.

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