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Computer Desktop Encyclopedia
Here is a great new resource which offers complete (yet brief) definitions of 'computer words', meticulously compiled and maintained at a level with which Wikipedia does not compete. According to technology writer David Pogue (NY Times, 20-June-2013), "ComputerLanguage.com is the very definition of concise, a user-friendly, up-to-date technical dictionary."

The best single spot for information and tools relating to DSL. Many discussion boards about ISP's, hardware, and software, as well as tools to test connection speed, patches, and more. You can even keep a log of your connection rates and compare to others by ISP and zip code.
(Note: In 2002 the name changed to Broadband Reports though still dslreports.com.)

For anyone who uses Windows XP and views multi-media presentations, you are familiar with messages stating you have an unknown file type, or need a codec, or have an unrecognized media extension. You've likely been directed here by Microsoft. One click will tell you what the file extension is associated with so you know what program to use.

An "evolving computer graphics notebook". Technical notes, pics and essays.

How-to Learning Guide
Given 4 stars by Yahoo! Internet Life in April '97, even better in the 00's, now evolved and presented by Websitebuilders.com. A collection of easy-to-use references for the novice Internet user, on everything from attaching e-mail files to searching and surfing the web, as well as more advanced topics like monetizing web assets. (11/2017)

HTML 4.0 Specifications 4-24-98
For web authors who speak HTML. The real thing, from the W3 Consortium.

Internet Hoaxes
Please. Before you send along bogus chain mail to everyone in your address book, or urgent warnings to 500 cyberbuddies, about some new computer virus which gobbles up your computer, be sure to check these pages. Here are definitive and informative archives of known computer viruses and Internet Hoaxes. Find out [from CIAC] why spreading chain mail hoaxes is so harmful for everyone. (Originally sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, CIAC. Now maintained independently as a public service.) Also... Check out the McAfee Guide to Virus Hoaxes and the Urban Legends' Hoax Alerts.

Here is a site beloved by Internet researchers and followers of web trends, from a user and/or marketing perspective. Stories about everything from Internet backbone to social media trends, security challenges, and all things web. For example: One recent article presented the breaking story about Google's move to cut down search spam. (1/2011)

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Panda Security's Free Online Virus Scan!
From Panda Software, a very thorough -- and FREE -- online scan. While most AV software is very good at intercepting the newest viruses, of which there are many out there, this one actually caught a very old virus in a Word Document, and I was impressed. (Now Version 2.0)

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PC Magazine - Online
Great online version of PC Magazine. Features new product reviews, web site recommendations, and reader ratings, among its other broad content. A nice reference.

Here's a really handy online utility for instantly converting hideouosly long web page addresses (such as is common with news articles and e-cards) into tiny url's suitable to sending along to friends and family with little risk of having the url get broken up along the way. Free and easy. Not to be confused with the world's smallest web page (literally!),
Guimp. :-)

Enter a long URL to make tiny:

Top 10 New Mistakes of Web Design
Beautiful, short and sweet explanations about good design, with annotations and examples. (Updated 2011)
(Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Webmonkey Reference Guide
Webmonkey One of the funkiest (and first) online resources for web designers. It's gotten bigger and slicker since becoming part of HotWired, but still funky like a webmonkey! For advanced users and pros.

Windows Annoyances
Intended for "Intermediate to advanced users", a neat fix-it guide in 1995, now "the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows" (site description).

World of Windows Networking
Another great resource for setting up a Windows OS for network access, whether intranet or Internet. This site, also mirrored on helmig.com, includes useful troubleshooting tools and information for Win95/98 through Windows 7, both end-user and server software. (2011)

Y2k and the"Millennium Bug"
There was so much spoken and written about this that it became mind-boggling and/or numbing. Here's a great starting point for those interested in the topic, a compilation of relevant links from the New York Times. Now for historical interest, as we apparently survived that looming threat. :-)

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