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American Radio Relay League
The organization representing amateur radio hobbyists who engage in conversation with other "hams" around the world, via voice, Morse code, digital packets, satellite, etc.

Federal Communications Commission
From the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), an informative page featuring Rules & Regulations along with current information on the many regulated communications services, including of course the amateur radio service.

Musicradio 77 WABC
"The Greatest Top Forty Music Radio Station of All Time!" Fascinating site, with all sorts of memorabilia and information about New York's greatest AM station during the 60's thru 80's. Features on the legendary DJ's, program notes, charts, and more.

N2SJ: A Tribute
With great sadness, this page is a monument to Steve Jacobson, a hero, friend to the amateur radio community, beloved father, husband and community pillar, now a "silent key" since the tragedy of Sept.11, 2001. :-(

New York City Area Amateur Radio Net List
A semi-dated, semi-current list of weekly nets to be found on 2 Meters/440 MHz in the NYC metropolitan area.

New York City Police/EMS/Fire Frequencies and 10-Codes (www.n2nov.net)
These are kept current, and maintained by Charles Hargrove. (Tnx, Charlie!)

The Paley Center for Media, formerly The Museum of Television and Radio, "is dedicated to audio-visual artifacts with a collection of over 50,000 TV and radio shows". [source]

QRZCallsign Looker-Upper
With a new, java-ish look, and daily updates, this is it!

Scanner Frequencies for Northeastern States
From Jim Fordyce. Includes commercial frequencies, a Long Island Scanner Reference, nationwide scanning links, and travelers' links. Huge compilation, although (as of 2014) 'your mileage may vary' in terms of how current or dated the information may be.

Scanning Reference - by Clay Irving
Just a click away from his (now vintage) Amateur Radio Reference.

TV Land
From Nick at Nite, a collection of great television-related pages, featuring a wide assortment of classic theme songs and clips, a blog, and more.

Uncle Ricky's Reel Top40
A combination Classic Rock Radio Repository and Air Check Museum, this site offers classic music and loads of "reelradio" clips -- and double-entendres. The site features a Fab 40 popularity chart presented in Billboard Magazine style. Click on a favorite deejay, and re-live a bit of classic radio from 60's and 70's, commercials and all. Wonderful. [Mahalo, Michael OGI]

World Trade Center - Broadcast Engineers (R.I.P.)
A tribute page to the lost broadcast engineers who were lost on Sept. 11 at New York's World Trade Center. Includes obituaries, photos, and a collection of images of the master antenna atop the North Tower. A labor of love from fellow television pro, Michael P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

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