Favorite Images from Kodachrome


View from my Window, July 1984

[Red Flower]

Flowers at Kus-Tur (Southern Turkey, near Kismet)

[color line]

Emu | Florida Flowers | Gypsy Dog (Volendam) | Maui Cows (Hawai'i) | Muscovy Duck

[color line]

Digital Images - 2000

Below is the "IMAGINE" monument. Twenty years ago exactly, John Lennon was gunned down in front of his home, across the street (The Dakota). [Dec.8, 1980] This was the recent view at the Strawberry Fields memorial to former Beatle John Lennon. With flowers and photographs, and personal tributes, tourists and fans from everywhere on earth paused to reflect and pay tribute. Imagine... I signed the poster, too.
We all shine on!

[Imagine - 2000]

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