Can you guess where these shots are taken?

[Where is this?]
Photograph Copyright © 1984-2014 Michael Fenichel

Here's a favorite image I found during my recent search for some of my favorite old Kodachrome slides/transparencies/diapositives (which are mostly in trays now). I was looking for animals, but I chose one tray at random and found this one. This is not New York! As I asked Edurne (in Spain), Can you guess where this is?

This looks much more dramatic on a large screen and mostly it is important to me because of the memory. The basket hanging just over the sidewalk is used to buy things from the street, from the windows. The road here is not paved. In the smooth part in front of the door, people sit and drink, and at night this whole street was full of music and people. In the morning, this was my view from the window.

And here, a few thousand miles and years away, is a newer yet still ageless digital image. (23 June 2001)

[Food Shop]
Photograph Copyright © 2001-2014 Michael Fenichel

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