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Here are a few of my first digital images of orchids, from both tropical spots like rainforests, and in the orchid-friendly greenhouses of Selby Botanical Gardens. This purple Dendrobium and as-yet-unidentified green orchid are my first efforts at digital-camera-based orchid photography. I'm limited by lack of proper macro lens, light and gear (like a good monopod) but hope to keep learning as I hang with the orchids.

[Purple Dendrobium Orchid]

[Green Orchid]

Tropical Rainforest Flowers, Plants, & Trees

[Ginger Torch]

Above is the Torch Ginger, or in Hawaiian: Awapuhi-ko'oko'o. It means 'Walking stick ginger'.
These grow around 20 feet (7 meters) tall, and make great walking sticks and are also used as a curry seasoning in Malaysia.

And speaking of tall, it is hard to imagine just how high up these flowers and bananas really are. It's no wonder monkeys get them first, while here in the Hilo rainforest, it takes a mighty long pole to grab a bunch from the ground.

[Apple Bananas]

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