Kaua'i Crop Duster at Dusk

[Kauai Crop Duster]

Photograph Copyright © 1994-2015 Michael Fenichel

This is the scene at dusk, on the day I arrived in Kaua'i. I was trying to drive West to catch a sunset over the water, but as luck had it the sun was already setting and I was not yet near the coast. This image was captured (on Fujichrome) using available light, and the vehicle I was driving. I steadied the camera on the roof, and illuminated this crop duster using the headlights.

[Updated](Summer 2013) - This page was last updated March 1, 2009. Since then - and even before Facebook or Google+ - several people wrote to me and shared wonderful stories about this land, the airplane, and its owners. I was honored to be asked for use of this image as the front cover of Crop & Prop Magazine a few years back. I've gotten a new film scanner and software, tweaked several online versions, and am planning to visit some equally remote places where every day 'the usual' is beauty like this. Captured digitally these days. Mahalo, Aloha!

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