Photography by Fenichel:


[Bird of Paradise] [Snowy Egret] [The Fisherman]
Anhinga Snowy Egret "The Fisherman"
(Looking for Flowers?) (Looking for Alligators?) (Lido Key)
[Owl Eye] [Golden Owl] [Emu]
Golden Owl: The Eye Who Who? Golden Owl Barred Owl
[White swans-thumbail] [Muscovy Duck] [Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron]
White Swans Muscovy Duck Black-Crowned Night Heron

[Parrots] [Blue Heron under Triangle]    [The Fisherman]
Two Lovebirds Blue Heron Under Triangle Little Blue on Water Lettuce
(Or, 'Early Bird for Two') (Myakka)

(Corkscrew Swamp)
[Pelican on Post at Docks] [Juvenile Saffron Finch]     [Roseate Spoonbills]
Pelican on Posts Juvenile Saffron Finch Roseate Spoonbills
(Gulf Coast) (Captain Cook, BI)

(Spoonbills with 'gators)
[Limpkins - Myakka and Circle Bar B]     [Red Knot & White Ibis]     [Tricolor Heron]
Limpkins Red Knot & White Ibis Tricolor Heron
  (Sarasota Bay)

(Sarasota Bay)
[Green Heron] [Glossy Ibis] [Emu]
Green Heron Glossy Ibis The Emu

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