Inside the Kremlin Walls

Moscow, Russia

[Cannon inside Kremlin Walls]

Ornate, Historic, and Gargantuan-Sized 'Tsar Cannon'

Inside this fortified compound, aside from the Government offices one can find historic remnants reflecting several centuries of Russian history. Photography inside the churches is strictly forbidden (which I respected) but must be seen and experienced, looking up high into the domes, the walls covered with simply indescribable Russian Orthodox murals and statuary. The tsar and tsarina had their own ornate viewing boxes, and there are golden doors which open only on High Holy Days.

Outside, in the bright light on the grounds, walking between the churches and museums (including military history) one can see - and photograph - war memorabilia such as this cannon. On a cold clear day such as this, one can enjoy a visual feast of cathedrals. There are maps available in several languages, and guides to each of the churches and cathedrals. I was told by my wonderful guide Katryn that one can tell which churches have saints or sacred leaders buried within, by the colors of the turrets. So much history and legend surround this spot, here in the heart of the Kremlin, in Moscow.
(Do follow the rules!)

Front Detail of Tsar Cannon & Chariot

[Tsar Cannon inside Kremlin]

The Tsar Bell

[Tsar Bell]

Here is the world's largest bell, with a fascinating history but never actually rung. Built between 1733 and 1735, a huge chunk fell off during a fire in 1737,when it was doused with water. It lay in a pit for over a century. At nearly 202,000 Kg (455,166 lbs), it is over 20 feet tall, 22 feet in diameter, and up to 24 inches thick. Located between the Ivan the Great Bell Tower and the Kremlin Wall, it is adorned with Baroque-syle artwork depicting angels, Saints, and the Tsar and Tsarina.

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