City Sights

Moscow, Russia

Some impressive statues can be found both above and underground (in the metro)

[Horses at Metro Entrance]

In Moscow today, we see a mix of Baroque, Byzantine and 'post modern' architecture

[Post Modern Moscow]

Inside the Kremlin Walls: The Cathedral of the Assumption (Dormition)

[3 Domes inside Kremlin]

Below is a small but lovely park by Patriarch's Ponds in Central Moscow, not far from Bulgakov's Flat #50. Here there are many sculptures in brass, worn shiny at spots by children and adults rubbing for good luck. The statues depict classic childrens fairy tales. Aesop originally wrote, centuries earlier, the fable of 'the fox and crow'. Krylov (his statue is behind) adapted it to be a raven. All fables have a moral: This one is about false flattery. Begs the clever fox to the barely out-of-reach bird, 'Oh please, you lovely creature with a voice of gold, sing for me, just a few notes, I beg you...'

Russian Folk Tales and Literature in Public Art

[The Fox and the Crow]

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