Russian Art

Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

[Tretyakov Russian State Gallery]

A Visit to Tretyakov Gallery

[Sculpture and Painting in Corner]

[Horse and Cart - Paolo - Bronze]

[Ivanov's Appearance of Christ to the People]

The Appearance of Christ to the People (A. Ivanov)

According to the gallery: The Apparition of Christ to the People (The Apparition of the Messiah), 1837–1857, oil on canvas.
"The subject is taken from the first chapter of the Gospel According to John (1: 29–31). Ivanov called this subject 'universal.' He strived to show all of humanity in the decisive moment that decided its fate. In the centre of the painting is the figure of John the Baptist, who has baptised the people in the River Jordan and who points to the approaching Jesus. To the left of John we see a group of apostles – the young John the Theologian, behind him Peter, and further on Andrew, then Nathaniel, the so-called 'doubter.' In the foreground we see pagans who have come or are still wavering. These are youths and old men. They are the image of unceasing life. In the centre there is a wealthy man who has stepped away from Christ and a slave, about whom Ivanov said, 'Through ordinary suffering there appeared joy for the first time.' To the right there is the figure 'closest to Christ' – whom we can recognize as the face of the writer N.V. Gogol. In the face of the wanderer with staff seated not far from John, the artist has captured his own features."


Portrait of Chekhov (1898, I. Braz)

[Detail of engraving]

Image in Steel (Ivan Kazansky)

[A Girl With Peaches]

A Girl With Peaches (1887, V. Serov)

[Mural and piano]

[Intricate 3-D artwork - paint and fabric]

Mikula Selyaninovich and Volkh (fireplace). 1898-1900, Majolica/ (M. Vrubel)
This is based on an epic Russian tale, about Prince Vladmimir of Kiev sending his 'warrior prince' Volkh to collect tributes from Novgorod. One day he came across a peasant and his wooden plow, The two got into 'showing off' their skills and fetes of strength. Volkh, despite his 'supernatural strength' was unable to lift the heavy plow at all, not even with help from his troops. The peasant Mikula Selyaninovich proceeded to lift it easily - with one arm. That's the short version. This piece was formed by the artist to resemble an Old Russian house (terem) and allows for 'outside the boxes' fireplace art with individually shaped and painted glass pieces and also the two popular fairy-tale 'sirin birds' on top.

[Tretyakov Gallery - Sculpture]

Youth Playing Nucklebones. Bronze, 1836. (N. Pimenov)

[Portrait of Tolstoy]

Portrait of Tolstoy (1873, I. Kramskoi)

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