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Bagels: A Short History
The long version finally disappeared... but here is a short history of the bagel, from Slate.

British Pies
Some Brits take their pies (and Pie Week) very seriously! Here is a site with a lot of authentic and great sounding recipes.

Chinese Food: Chop Suey
This site confirms that the translation of "Chop Suey" is, roughly, "odds & ends". With links to other food trivia.

Cuba Recipes
Exactly what the name says, and as authentic as you can find. Many Cuban classics, from appetizers to desserts - with a mini-guide to local Havana restaurants too. Buen provecho!

Dim Sum - Explained. (It may take a moment, via the Wayback Machine.)

Feed Me Bubbe
From Chicken Schnitzel to Stuffed Cabbage (with Passover Brownies in between). Video episodes & print recipes too from this universal Bubbe (Jewish Grandmother) turned media star. Traditional Central/Eastern European dishes - with Yiddish attitude. Now departed, Bubbe's shows and recipes live on, on Youtube.

General Tso's Chicken: The Definitive Web Page
The general was no chicken, but probably had no stomache for spicy food. For true fans.

Gluten-Free Recipes
From the GlutenFreeGoddess, a huge and delicious assortment of gluten-free recipes plus useful information and tips.

(It's) Greek to Me: Saganaki
I enjoy Greek/Turkish/'Mediterannean' cuisine, and have been finding some great Greek food near home and while traveling, including this favorite. The name sounds Japanese, but this dish is pure Greek, a favorite of friends from Greece, and a big spectacle at restaurant tables (flamed in ouzo). This recipe includes a look at the type of cheese involved. (MyGreekDish.com)

Hershey Chocolate Recipes
Mmmm, chocolate !! ... And some entree dishes, too.

Ketogenic Diet Resource
Low-Carb recipes and cooking tips. Not complicated, and a very effective approach to burning off pounds without sacrificing joy of food. Many great recipes, from smoothies to low-carb pizza; what first caught my eye (though I'd use turkey bacon myself) is this wonderful one-skillet bacon & eggs breakfast.

Microwave Heaven
I found this while searching for basic instructions on microwaving a potato. Didn't find it here, only "baked potato soup". But here's quite a collection of microwave delights, from almond bark or aubergine noodles, to vindaloo, and zucchini pie. Links to over 35,000 recipes, from Recipe Cottage.

Nepenthe Classics
From Big Sur, in the California Mountains, some treasures handed down for generations. Includes (for starts) Ambrosia Burgers, Lolly's Roast Chicken, and Triple Berry Pie.

Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Advice on healthy eating, from the USDA. I found this site while researching the Mayo Clinic Diet.

Panning the Globe
A wonderful site, with recipes, newsletter, and more, offering "hundreds of fabulous, globally inspired recipes to feed your family and entertain your friends." From appetizers to desserts, with a feast of information and ideas in between, what originally landed me here was this recipe for a favorite (coming from a discussion of Greek dishes like Saganaki and this dish), was this recipe for Turkish Sigara Borek.

Pasta by Rummo: 'Can I cook it too?'
I found this site on a package of gourmet pasta - Lenta Lavorazione, Spaghetti No.3 to be exact. Made and packed in paper in Italy, the package included tips for 'midnight spaghetti', suggestions for the 'shopping list' and assurances of 'outstanding culinary performance'. I'm not a master chef, but must agree, after making a really tasty and perfect al dente platter. Molto bene! I was about to discard the package wrapper when I noticed this website, and I'm glad I did. Their site is full of information as well as loads of recipes.

Recipe Source
Certainly living up to its name, this site has a huge collection of recipes arranged by ethnicity, type of dish or meal, even treats for dogs...

Recipes by Request: Barbara's Country Glazed Chicken
From the classroom to your home computer screen. "Easy, tasty, and crispy."

Recipes by Request: Dessert Specialties
Maria Giancarli's Heavenly Tiramisu

Recipes by Request: Edurne's (Spanish) Tortilla de Patata
A classic traditional meal from Spain.

Recipes by Request: Ellen's Amazing Brown Sugar Chip Cookies
They're back.

Recipes by Request: Joey's Holiday Fruit Medley
Here's another "pick me up" just perfect for dreary mornings or for Holiday celebrations.

Recipes by Request: McLaughlin's Apple Crumble
What we loved as kids: authentic old-fashioned apple/fruit crumb cobbler, easy to make and sure to be a big hit.

Recipes by Request: Mom's Vegetarian 'Chopped Liver'
Unlike most imitation salads, this tastes amazingly authentic, but is in fact much healthier than the liver and fat version. Tastes great on a whole-grain cracker!

Recipes by Request: Rita's Skirt Steak Marinade
Tangy, easy to prepare marinade which is great for broiled meats and barbecue.

From Gina's Skinny Taste collection of delicious low-fat foods, from snacks to desserts, with healthy meals in between.

Spain: Favorite Food Recipes
From Dean Derhak, with links to some other features on Spain. [VERSIÓN ESPAÑOLA]
See also "What to Eat (and drink!) in the "real" Spain, by Lawrence Bohme.

Starchefs - "The Web Site for People Who Eat"
Lush, elegant, comprehensive.

Swedish Cuisine
A smorgasbord of traditional Swedish favorites, along with many variations. From meatballs and lingonberry sauce to pancakes, crock-pot cabbage rolls, and classic Swedish desserts. A super-easy-to-use site, there are multiple recipes shown side by side, with notes on preparation time and other helpful tips. (food.com)

Tante Marie's Recipe Collection
From Tante Marie's Cooking School, an incredible range of delicioso food, from asparagus torta to fig mozzarella and mizuna salad with thai basil. Also a variety of great pasta dishes, meat and seafood entrees, Hors d'Oeuvres, desserts and seasonal/holiday specialties. Mmmm.

I found this site while shopping for some good Turkish Coffee. Authentic regional recipes here, from soup to desert, with classic entrees in between, including both meat dishes (e.g., Ali Pasa Kebob) and seafood dishes.

NOTE: The TurkishCook site has been down for some time now... While seeing if it returns, meanwhile, a little quarantine-time (Spring 2020) food fun from another Turkish Chef:
Legendary tastes from Turkish cook - Turkish chef Burak özdemi

Turkish Food and Drink
From the Turkish Travel Blog, a labor of love and devotion to celebrating the range of Turkish culture and experience, a collection of beautiful images, histories, and recipes concerning all things related to Turkish 'food and drink'.

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