Mother Marianne Cope

Grave of Mother Marriane Cope - Kalaupapa]

Grave and Monument of Marianne Cope

Sister Marianne Cope (now Blessed Mother and Sainted) arrived at this remote isolation colony in 1888, shortly before the death (from 'leprosy') of Father Damien. She was originally from New York, and part of a small contingent of Franciscan Sisters of Charity. Her assignment was to administer the Charles R. Bishop Home for Girls. She also managed a boy's orphanage at the Kalawao settlement across the peninsula, an effort she carried forward from Father Damien. Sister Cope worked alongside Brother Joseph Dutton, who arrived to assist the ailing Father Damien, and administered the Baldwin Home for men and boys. His grave is nearby Father Damien's at St. Philomena Church in Kalawao settlement.

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