Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

Charles Bridge, Hradčany, and Vltava -- Views from St.Vitus Belltower

[Charles Bridge (Karlův most) - View from St. Vitus Belltower. Click on the photo to fly in closer, to the tower on the right on this end of the bridge, with a lovely view of Charles Bridge and Mala Strana.]
Photograph Copyright © 2005-2018 Michael Fenichel

Here is the view one earns after climbing the narrow spiral staircase to the top of the belltower at St. Vitus - an incredible church in its own rite - within the Castle complex of Prague, atop the hills of Hradčany.

The venerable bridge in the photo above is known locally as Karlův most. It was commissioned in 1357 by Emperor Charles IV after a great flood destroyed its predecessor, Judith Bridge. This was the first stone bridge to span the Vltava (Moldau) to connect the Old Town with Malá Strana and the Castle (Hrad) district. Judith Bridge served as a major artery from from 1172 until destroyed by the great flood of 1342.
Charles Bridge is now teeming with tourists, merchants, and performing artists, nestled between the new and old city of Prague.

In the view below, just across the water, you can see Prague's famous Dancing House.

[4 Bridges over the Vltava - and Dancing Houses at the end of one!]
Photograph Copyright © 2005-2018 Michael Fenichel

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