Topside Northwest: Maunaloa, The Lodge, and Papohaku

[Maunaloa Village and Papohaku]

Moloka'i is a very tiny island, but has distinct areas of coastline, rich volcanic land, sea cliffs and ancient rainforest trails.

Intent on remaining 'Real Hawai'i', topside above the peninsula is almost entirely ranch and farmland, with beautiful sea views and legendary water competitions.

[Molokai Ranchland]

An 'eco-tourism' endeavor a decade or so ago saw The Lodge claiming much of the island's Western half, including beaches, despite the low rate of tourism. It ended with the resort becoming an elegant ghost town. The remains of the original Maunaloa Village is nearby, once intended by developers as 'a museum'. Now the ruins, like the rest of the complex, are slowly being reclaimed by nature. Beautiful flowering trees and views of the coast contrast vividly with the state of abandon now, of the old bungalows, The Lodge, pool, and golf course. Still remaining on their own, some beautiful fruit trees and hibiscus, along with some 'opportunistic' trees such as the 'autograph tree'.

It's no secret that most on the island are happy just to 'keep Moloka'i Moloka'i', without further invasions intent on 'developing' this last bastion of 'real Hawai'i'. Respect this if you visit. The entire island is truly a natural and historical gem. It remains authentic to Hawai'ian culture and tradition, with people who work the land and sea, and enjoy Aloha spirit and simple pleasures of life which can be found here still, on 'the friendly isle'.

Near Maunaloa, the coast includes Papohaku, with one of the longest white-sand beaches anywhere. The currents are dangerous for swimming and the beach is practically yours alone for walking - or baking in the sun, which there is plenty of, along with sand. Very pretty at sunset, too.

[Papohaku Beach]

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